January 23, 2012

Indoor Flowers for Winter

Yesterday I finished another project for the entryway.  I made some wall hung glass vases filled with primrose. This January I've been feeling a little blah with all the rain and clouds everyday so I wanted something to remind me spring is on its way. I chose primrose because to me they symbolize the first signs of spring since they are the first flowers after Christmas that arrive at the garden center. This project was very easy and only took a few hours to complete.  It was inexpensive as well.  I think at most I spent $10 on this project. 

Here are my inspirational ideas.  I wanted to do the glass tubes inside a picture frame (bottom right corner) but I didn't think it would look as well on our white wall in the entryway.  So instead I used a board I had in my possession as the backdrops to these flower containers.

First I painted a design on each of my wooden board pieces.  Originally I wrote out the words "Nature" and "in bloom" on each of the boards but once I did they looked corny to me so I covered them up using the same stencil as on my desk from early this summer.  Click here to see my previous desk project.

Once the paint was dry (I let it sit overnight) I used the drill gun and made two holes a few inches apart where I wanted my glass jars to hang.

Then I potted up my primrose.  Since there is no drainage in the vases I filled the bottom half with decorative stones to keep the roots from rotting.
Then I used some leftover wire to wind 3 times around the neck of the vase and twist tied the wire together to keep it from slipping.  I then pulled the wire through each of the holes I drilled through my board and twist tied them again on the back.

Then the final step was to hang them on the wall. 

This one I had to redo because I first attached the vase to it upside down.  It only took me a few extra minutes to redo thankfully.

 Hurray for a cute and easy way to bring the outdoors into your home!

 I realize the house will eventually get too warm for the primrose and they will eventually out grow their containers but I designed this to be easily taken apart and changed from time to time depending on the season.  You could even put fake flowers or some cut flowers inside if you wanted.

 Looking at the flowers through the sunburst mirror.

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