January 15, 2012

New Year Resolution for 2012

It hasn't been until very recently that I started to make goals for the upcoming year.  Mainly because I never had anything I felt the need to really improve/give up for the year.  And, I am terrible at sticking with my resolutions.  But now that I am starting to set realistic goals that are something I want to achieve, I am much better at following through and completing my personal goals.  This year I am setting 3 goals:

Goal 1: Spend Less $
As much as I live within my means, I realize I should be saving more than spending.  My weaknesses are crafts and gardening.  To help me save rather than spend I am going to cut back on the amount I spend on gardening and crafts by using up the materials I have on hand before buying anything new for future projects.  My room is packed full of enough fabric, yarn, ribbon, felt, and misc. crafts to last me several decades. By finishing my past projects I hope to not buy anymore fabric or scrapbooking supplies for the next year.  I have already started on this goal by finishing all the misc. earrings that I have been wanting to put together for the last year or so.

Goal 2: Balance Out Working and Home Life
I love my job but working 5 full days at a physically demanding work place can take it out of me by the weekend.  This coming year I would like to balance working hard at work, finding time to craft and just remembering to relax.  I like to stay busy.  When I'm not at work I am usually making plans for my next craft project or redecorating the house.  It is nice to have hobbies and passions but when they consume your whole life its time to reevaluate what is important.  I want to make hanging out with my friends and family a major priority again.  To accomplish this I have cut back on working for the winter months, slowly curbing my desire to design 24/7 and am learning to take life as it comes by unexpectedly.  

Goal 3: Spend More Time with Charlotte
I think I've been doing a pretty good job giving Charlotte the attention she needs.  But she is a very active little dog and loves to play and exercise.  I am making it my priority to give her the physical and mental development she needs as an active dog.  I am working on waking up earlier to get her a second walk in the mornings, taking her to the park more, finding new dogs to play with and for her up coming birthday I want to get her the equipment to start doing agility obstacles.  All of this will benefit the both of us and keep us both in shape.  

So those are my goals for the new year.  I know I will follow through with them because I have the desire to balance out my financial, mental and physical life.  And since I have set small goals within my larger goals, I have smaller steps to take to make my resolutions stick for the whole year and beyond.  If you have set goals for yourself I will you good fortune in achieving your own goals.  Happy New Year!

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