October 20, 2010

Easy (and cheap) Halloween Peacock Costume

This halloween I want to dress as a peacock but I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a costume. Here are my easy steps for a peacock costume for under $25.

Step 1: The Outfit
Find a cute blue dress online and sew a similar dress for $12

The dress on the left is the one I found online.  The dress on the right is the one I made with fabric from Joann's

Step 2:  The Shoes
 A friend gave me these shoes this summer.  They were too big for her but they are perfect for my costume.  Thanks Lauren!
 Step 3: The Makeup
In order to pull off the this look you will need some serious eye makeup.  Here are a few ideas I found online.  The first one is my favorite.  I bought four bright eyeshadows in greens, blue and bronze from Sally's beauty supply for $4 altogether.

Step 4: The Feathers of course!
I wanted a hairpiece that would really stand out and provide the feathers to complete the peacock look.  I found an already assembled feather arrangement at Joann's and altered it to fit my project for only $5.  I will probably also paint some feathers on my arms to really stand out.

Below are pictures from Halloween.  With me are Adrienne and Brandy, They were a panda and bamboo. (So cute)

Close up of my face makeup.  I used colorful eyeshadow and for the bronze outline I used metallic craft paint (it came off really easy with warm water and a wash cloth)

My hairpiece..I didn't get the best photo, but I think this one will work


I just opened an etsy shop and here are the first of my earrings for sale.  My shop name is bunnygirl7.etsy.com if you want to check it out.

October 19, 2010

Halloween Photoshoot

Poor bunnies.  Today they had to endure dressing up as a lady bug and bumble bee for their Halloween pictures.  They weren't too happy but they looked so cute in their outfits.  I used felt and a hot glue gun and it took me ten minutes to make them a pinned on costume.

October 10, 2010


I just posted cute earrings on etsy. Please check them out at bunnygirl7.etsy.com.

Chunky Monkey

Yesterday when I came home and went into the bedroom I couldn't find my bunnies food dish.  But when I checked under the bed I found it had been pulled underneath about six inches and leaning up against it was Oreo, asleep with her head resting on the dish.  What a little fatty she is...

October 05, 2010

To all you Harry Potter Fans

In honor of the 7th movie and my birthday (both in November) I decided the best way to celebrate my birthday was with a Harry Potter themed party.  Everyone is going to be dressed as HP characters and I have spent the last two weeks making Harry Potter crafts for the party.  I still have another month before the party begins, but here are some crafts that I have finished so far.  The objective was to recreate as many iconic HP scenes and props while not spending a fortune.  Stay tuned because I will be adding more photos as I make more crafts. 

The first craft I started on was making 4 house banners.  I painted the four house crests on unstretched canvas that I had left over from other art projects.  Then I purchased 1/2 yard of each of the four house colors for the banners ( each cost $1.50). 

 Above are the four crests I painted using acrylic paint on canvas.

 Once I hemmed the edges of the four banners I pinned each design close to the center of each piece of fabric.  I then used the zigzag technique on my sewing machine and made sure I got a close together stitch all the way around my design.  Altogether I spent $10 on fabric and misc. paint supplies.  ( I will post finished photos soon when I hang the banners up)

 Next, I wanted to make my own version of the sorting hat and have house badges to hand out to guests as a party favor.  To make the badges I found an image of each house crest online, printed 12 of each design and hot glued them onto a pin (I bought a pack of 48 for $3.49 at a craft store).

 To make a sorting hat I mostly just used some glue and brown paper.  First I made the frame using a circle for the base (a cardboard pizza bottom) and made a cone top with some paper.  To add definition to the eyes and mouth I taped together brown paper until I was satisfied with the shape and the depth it stuck out from the hat.  Then I cut thin strips of brown paper and using a mixture of 2 parts glue and 1 part water I used my glue mix to paper mache the rest of the sorting hat.

 Here is the finished product
 To display the sorting hat with the badges I found a black box and labeled it as sorting hat and wrote down easy instructions.  Thats it!  An awesome sorting hat for free.

To add a feel of really being in Hogwarts I made my own posters and pictures with people you would probably see if you were in Hogwarts.

I found two large frames at goodwill for $6 each.  I then found images of the Fat Lady and of Dumbledore online. Since the frames were larger than what my computer can print I used photoshop to print the images in overlapping sections so when I pieced them together I couldn't even tell they were four difference pieces of paper overlapping.  I used thicker matte paper to they wouldn't wave like regular paper sometimes does. (For Dumbledore I even used a watercolor technique to make it look like it was printed on canvas).
 Then I made wanted posters of Sirius Black and HP.  I bought two posters from staples for $3 each and then printed out the wanted information online.  I thought about tracing each photo and writing on to each poster and painting them on but I thought it would take too long so instead I used modge podge and glued each section onto the posters.  I used a cream colored paper, it blended better then the white. 
The finished project turned out really well

You look just like her

Early in August my mom and nana flew from Nevada to spend a week in Corvallis.  Everyone says my mom and I look alike (I don't see it )...anyways...One of the days we took them to Newport.  Here are some of the fun pictures from that day.

We found this great Christmas store (my favorite) and a giant wave that we posed under.  For lunch we went to the Rouge Brewery.  Delicious!  Even nana tried the beer samples :)

We also found fun shops along the ocean where we posed with the statues

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