November 07, 2010

Harry Potter Madness 1

Last night was the big Harry Potter party event.  It was a smash.  The house was completely transformed into Hogwarts and everyone looked great in their costumes.  I have so many photos to share that I have to break up this blog into three parts.  This blog post is all about the decorations.  The banners above made a great backdrop for group photos

 The kitchen counter was transformed into the Leaky Cauldron.  They served butterbeer (delicious), witch's brew (apple cider) and swamp punch (lemon lime soda and rainbow sorbert ice cream)
This is the invitation letter that was sent out weeks before hand.  At the bottom it even has professor Mcgonagall's signature
 The hogs head inn.  I made the hog out of paper mache and added some fur to his head

Nearly Headless Nick finally lost his head

More living room decorations

 Lanterns and black tissue pom poms floated above the dinner table.  When we turned the lights off there were flameless candles in the lanterns that made them glow orange.

 I decorated the laundry room doors with misc.  pictures from the movies including the Maurader's map, the Hogwarts school anthem, a postcard from the Weasley's and photos of the young actors
 I was flipping through the Chamber of Secrets and found this Valentine someone wrote Harry and laughed so hard that I had to add it to the decor
 I moved a bookcase just behind the doorway to one of the bedrooms and roped it off with fake chain links from Michael's craft store

 Snape's potion room
 Potion ingredients included hippogriff gizzards, flesh eating slug repellent, spider legs, fairy dust, truth serum, werewolf fur, gillyweed and vampire blood.

The cauldron had dry ice in it but I don't think it was necessary.  It only looked cool if you poured water on it and I didn't want to keep doing that all night, so next time I will skip it

I converted my houseplant into Devil's Snare

The entry way became the forbidden forest covered in spiders, egg sacs and spider webs

 In the bathroom guests had to be careful not to run into Moaning Myrtle

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  1. I love the shower curtin in the bathroom. Did you make it or buy it?


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