November 10, 2010

Harry Potter Madness 2

This is the second of three posts recaping the Harry Potter party I hosted this past weekend.  Today's post will be about the Harry Potter menu. 

Lets start with the drinks:

Butterbeer- 1 liter of rootbeer soda
                   1 quart heavy cream
                   1 bottle butterscotch schnapps (or 1 container of butterscotch
                   topping for non 21ers)

Serve warm.  A crockpot works great.
(Everyone loved this recipe.  I found a few recipes online and I altered them to come up with this one and it was delicious.)

Witch's Brew- 1 gallon apple cider
                       1 1/2 cup orange juice
                       1/4 cup lemon juice
                        1/2 cup brown sugar
                       1/2 tub caramel
                       2-3 cinnamon sticks
Stick in a crockpot on low.  This is a friend's recipe and we have been serving it at all our holiday party's since we discovered it.

Swamp Punch-  1 tub sorbert (lime is a good color and flavor but
                         if you can't find it use rainbow sorbet)
                         1 liter lemon lime soda


Troll droppings (stuffed artichoke mushrooms)

Devil's eyes (deviled eggs with olive eyes)

Witch fingers and squash dip (pilsbury breadsticks with almond finger nail and dip served in a carved out pumpkin)

Bandaged toes (weenies wrapped in pilsbury cresent roll).  These were so popular they were gone before I could take a picture.  This one is from Women's Day magazine.

Spiderweb nacho platter (put sour cream in a plastic bag, snip a small hole in the tip and create a spider web pattern.)


Pumpkin pasties (they taste like mini pumpkin pies)

Here I'm making Chocolate frogs with a peanut butter center

This is what I imagine the Harry Potter Chocolate frogs look like

Fossiled cookies.  ( once you roll out each cookie on a baking sheet use your choice of critters to imprint them on the center of the cookie)

I also served Hagrid's coffee cake (mini zucchini muffins) and a Bloody Body Parts candy platter my mom found at the Halloween supply store

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