February 27, 2011

Art in the Garden

Winter chills and unexpected snow storms are almost gone now that it is close to March.  Its time to start looking toward spring and thinking about those backyard gardens. Planting seeds and flower starts is just around the corner.  I wanted to share with you some photos of Found Objects that are used as garden art in unexpected ways.  My favorite gardens are ones you could describe as organized chaos.  Like those found in cottage gardens.  Those that look well tended too but also have a wild feeling about them that spark the imagination of English country sides.  My favorite art piece in gardens are the flowers but I do like to throw in a few accessories.  Items that were intended for other uses but give the garden a charming look are my favorite.  Below are some examples of objects that were reused in imaginative ways in the yard.

 These two mini chairs are from my own backyard.  Susan gave them to me when she and Tim were moving.  They were a dark forest green color.  With a little bit of sanding and some outdoor weather paint I turned these chairs into wall art for the fence.  This spring I will finish them and make the seats into a bird bath and a bird feeder.  I've already seen the birds using them as perches.

 Cute windows without the glass.  I would like to see some vining clematis or morning glory winding around the frame as well.

 A urinal.  Different, but still funky and something to talk about.

 A clever way to make your down spout an art feature instead of another piece of the house.

 I love this red dresser.  It would look perfect against a fence or side of the house in a country style garden.

 Very unique use of space.  Old tires are used as grass stepping stones through the gravel path.  Yellow bowling balls are made to look like they are growing within the flower beds and mirrors on the wall give this backyard a masculine feel.

 Flowers in bicycle baskets are always a fantastic idea.  Painting the bike white would make it really stand out against the tree and mulch in the flower bed.

 Grow plants in an old sink.  I think these are strawberries.

 An unexpected use of an old brazier.

 This Salmon sculpture is the essence of the Northwest

 Bamboo poles make a great shelf to grow plants on.  If you have a small area and not much space to plant containers on the ground or deck, why not use the vertical space of a fence or wall to grow your veggies or flowers?

 This is my favorite garden shed.  My grandma used to have one similar to this that she used as her art studio during the spring and summer.

Another use of old tires.  These mini trees look very whimsical in these tires.  Almost like they came out of a Dr. Seuss book.
Do you have old shoes, rain boots or sneakers?  Why not use them as planters? 


  1. My favorite is the window shutters on the fence. Thanks for posting

  2. I'm just seeing this post and I'm BLOWN AWAY by your creativity. I don't even think I can pick a favorite! Have a GREAT day!

  3. Hello Roosevelt Kid - FYI, We recently blogged about your downspout above on our garden living site. You can see the post at http://www.questionandplanter.com/2012/05/what-are-ways-to-add-a-little-downspout-magic/?pid=63. Any changes, just let me know. Email: emmon@QuestionAndPlanter.com (or QuestionAndPlanter@gmail.com). It's so great to find your site. One of the more creative ones we've seen in the garden world! Emmon

  4. Hello
    I am the one who created the bra planter and originally posted it on David Hobson's Garden Humour website - link here - http://home.golden.net/~dhobson/gardnews.html
    I also have it on my pinterest page http://pinterest.com/juliedeepwater/mad-gardener-my-creations/
    My bra planter certainly has been a popular post on blogs
    Julie - Downunder in Aussieland

  5. How nice and cute your creations are! I'm going to copy some of them, perhaps the one with de bambu poles! Thanks!!


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