February 11, 2011

Behind the Scenes: Gnome Village

Part of gnome week, as you may already know, we dedicated our newsletter to gnomes.  To prepare for this email I built a gnome village out of items we already had on hand at the store.  So here are the rest of the photos that didn't make the email but that are still worth taking a look at.

 Gustav just got done planting his spinach that he "borrowed" from our greenhouse

 This guy is harvesting some mushrooms.  The bright colored mushrooms we have on sale at the store that this gnome sold to us for a pretty steep price.  F.Y.I. don't do business with gnomes, they'll swindle you out of your last penny.
 I'm not sure what this one is up to except daydreaming and smelling the flowers
 Always hard a work, this cheerful fellow is always willing to lend a hand.  Right now he's helping pick mushrooms.
The gnome house was just made out of a cardboard box.  I taped the roof together with packaging tape then painted a red roof with shingles.  Then I cut out a few squares for holes so the gnomies would have some windows.  I don't know if you noticed the gnome that is climbing out of the top window.  My guess is he didn't want his parents to know he's sneaking out of the house.
 The clothes line is just a piece of string with paper clothes cut out of different color card stock

 This tree gnome door is one I made for my own garden.  Its layered balsa wood that I painted and used guerrilla glue to stick together.  Then I sealed it with a polyurethane.

 Just waiting for the birds to arrive to share the bird seed with.

  Swinging from the bird feeder
These three must have done something bad to one of those nasty Siberian gnomes.  I found them yelling for help locked in the upstairs freezer
Here they are huddled together for warmth 

 These ones have already invaded the store and set up camp in our houseplants.  By the end of the day the are in our bulbs, our birdhouses, on our bookcase, you name it, they've colonized it.

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