February 15, 2011

Gnome Week: Day 6

Gnome Saying of the Day:  "Schmidt's Garden Center...we gnome the garden business"  -Schmidt's Gnomes

Gnome of the Day:  Shiitake

This gnome's name is Shiitake.  I don't know if his mother knew he would end up loving mushrooms when he grew up or if its pure coincidence but this fellow has only one thing one his mind: mushrooms.  He spends most of his day in search of the fungi.  He eats them with every meal in soups, salads, omelets, on toast and on slug kabobs.  But he's not selfish, he likes to share his findings with the other gnomes that live in the yard.  Right now he has just come back from a long day in the neighborhood and is catching the last few rays before the sun goes down.
Shiitake the Gnome

Gnome Lesson of the Day: A trip through Schmidt's memory lane and some of the gnomes that have appeared in our emails in the past.

The gnome invasion of Schmidt's has become worse than we thought.  At first we assumed we could lessen the problem by putting them on sale or putting them to work in the greenhouse.  But I've realized that they've not only colonized the store but they've also taken over our emails!  They started appearing last holiday season when the elves took over the store and made a mockery of the gnomes.  Since then, the gnomes have appeared more and more in our emails and now they have an entire week devoted to them.  I didn't know we were making the problem worse until now.  Soon they will be calling in their cousins and other relatives to come visit and take residence at our store.  If that happens we will be wall to wall  gnomes and we won't have any room for any other merchandise.  I hope it never gets that bad.  

For now, here are some photos of gnomes that have appeared in past emails.
 As mentioned yesterday, this gnome was tied to a tree by an elf while the elves took over the store and decorated for the holidays.
This is a never before scene photo of last years staff party.  We usually come to staff events dressed as silly as possible.  This year we had a poor helpless gnome (me) being dragged around my Miss Clause and her elf assistant.  I had to sit through dinner tied up all night while everyone "helped" by putting food items just outside my reach while I struggled to free myself.
 Brandy is trying out a new method to remove gnomes with a fly swatter. 

 This gnome had no sense of humor and threatened to call the authorities for gnome mistreatment.  We only wanted him to hold a few bags of daffodil bulbs.  What a drama queen.

This was our Civil War add for the OSU vs U of O football game in 2010

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