October 20, 2010

Easy (and cheap) Halloween Peacock Costume

This halloween I want to dress as a peacock but I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a costume. Here are my easy steps for a peacock costume for under $25.

Step 1: The Outfit
Find a cute blue dress online and sew a similar dress for $12

The dress on the left is the one I found online.  The dress on the right is the one I made with fabric from Joann's

Step 2:  The Shoes
 A friend gave me these shoes this summer.  They were too big for her but they are perfect for my costume.  Thanks Lauren!
 Step 3: The Makeup
In order to pull off the this look you will need some serious eye makeup.  Here are a few ideas I found online.  The first one is my favorite.  I bought four bright eyeshadows in greens, blue and bronze from Sally's beauty supply for $4 altogether.

Step 4: The Feathers of course!
I wanted a hairpiece that would really stand out and provide the feathers to complete the peacock look.  I found an already assembled feather arrangement at Joann's and altered it to fit my project for only $5.  I will probably also paint some feathers on my arms to really stand out.

Below are pictures from Halloween.  With me are Adrienne and Brandy, They were a panda and bamboo. (So cute)

Close up of my face makeup.  I used colorful eyeshadow and for the bronze outline I used metallic craft paint (it came off really easy with warm water and a wash cloth)

My hairpiece..I didn't get the best photo, but I think this one will work

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