February 24, 2011

Craft Room Blues

Lately I've been feeling somewhat depressed.  I think that I need a change in my living situation.  The thought of moving into a new place as becoming very appealing lately.  I would especially like space for my own craft room.  However,  the place we live in now is really cute and we like the yard and we can't beat the price.  So instead of moving and paying deposit fees, more money for rent and new furniture, I have decided with a lot of decluttering and some creative thinking I can make my bedroom into my own craft/sewing studio.  Currently I have no real home for any of my supplies.  My fabric and yarn are bursting out of boxes and bags.  My closet is a mess of tupperware full of Christmas and Harry Potter decorations.  And my craft cabinet is about to explode with paint, scrapbooking and misc. supplies that don't fit in there any more. 

 This is what my "craft room" looks like at the moment.  A lot of boxes and bags that are over filled with supplies.
 Inside my craft cabinet isn't any better.  It is stuffed with scrapbook supplies, misc. tools, photos, paints and other various items. 

So here are some inspirational photos to get me in the mood for a new crafting area.

My favorite part of this sewing room by Courtney Burge from home-designing.com is the wooden thread holder.  A simple concept but much more effiecient than the ziploc bag I have mine in where they get tangled and knotted together constantly.

I like the idea of using a peg board to hang misc. scissors and supplies.  This room is also designed by Courtney Burge.  It would be especially cute to paint the pegboard a seperate color from the wall and frame it in a white trim.
 Designed by Tofu Studio home-designing.com The open shelving with wall paper behind really appeals to me.  I could put a different craft catagory in each shelf cubby and put my craft books on the shelf.  I would like to do something similar with some baskets to hide the clutter that will eventually build up.
I love the soft colors in this room.  Stacked fabric in the cabinet looks organized and inspiring.  Much better than the boxes I have mine stored in

A ribbon rack and shelves for jars and canisters makes a great use of wall space
A space for scrapbooking supplies is also a must.  I have a ton of paper and a few large stacks of stickers that desperately need a new home.

I would also like to buy a few jewelry stands for photo shoots so I can post them on my etsy site.

A mannequin would also be helpful for displaying my dresses, aprons and scarves I have made
My grandmother gave me her old singer sewing machine similar to this one from the late 1800's that was pasted down to her.  Someday I would love to be able to display it and possibly use it as a working area.

 She also gave me a Singer sewing machine from the 1950's that is just sitting in the back of my closet.  I would like to be able to build a wall shelf and place it on display

Finally I want a cute way to display my yarn collection, something like this would be fun.  I just bought a white pitcher to put my knitting needles in

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  1. Very very nice ! Thanks you. I love the last on. Hello from France !


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