February 17, 2011

Gnome Week: Day 8 The Final Day

Today is the last day of blogging for gnome week.  I mentioned in Day 1 that gnomes run on a different time schedule and gnome week was so special that it had an extra day in it. It might be the last day of this series of gnome blogs, but I assure you this will not be the last you hear about the gnomes.  They are so invasive they will not tolerate being left out for too long.  So for now, here is the last gnome and lesson of the week.

Gnome of the Day: Herbert

Herbert is a very special gnome.  He's dressed quite differently than the other gnomes.  He's sporting a green hat with flowers and lady bugs on it, a tie dye shirt, blue nail polish and lady bug goulashes.  He isn't quite as old as the other gnomes in the yard.  You can tell because his beard hasn't turned white yet.  Herbert is a herb expert and is trained in using herbs for medical purposes.  He uses his knowledge whenever the other gnomes feel sick and when an animal in the neighborhood is hurt.  Today, he is helping out in the office at work.  He's been noticing our houseplants need some extra care lately and he has volunteered himself to water, fertilize and trim all the houseplants.  In exchange we are letting him pick through the seed packets to use in his herb garden.

Note:  I painted Herbert myself at the Potter Place on 2nd and Jefferson downtown.  They had a few other gnomes to chose from and some you could special order in.  I think he turned out really cute.  I might end up painting a whole Herbert family.

Gnome Lesson of the Day: Gnome Liberation Movement

 There is a downside to having gnomes in your lawn and garden.  Some people believe that it is unjust and not humane to force garden gnomes to stay prisoners to the yards of humans.  These people believe gnomes should be set free so that they can lead their own lives or be paid to stand around in the garden through the sun, rain and snow.  These people are usually part of the organization called Gnome Liberation Front.  This is an international organization.  I have heard that the French take this issue very seriously.  Not only do the members of this group rally for the freedom of gnomes but they even go so far as to steal them out of peoples yards and either set them free in the woodland, their natural home, or they smash them, believing that they are freeing their souls from there oppressed world.  There is a group here close to Corvallis where people less aggressive.  These people will leave notes on the person's doorstep, letting them know how they are imprisoning the gnomes and hope the owner will make up their own mind and set them free.

I think this gnome liberation movement fails to recognize that gnome owners usually care deeply about the gnomes in their yard.  They took great care in picking out the right gnome and the right place in the yard they should dwell.  Together I think that gnomes and people bring each other joy in both their lives.   So take precaution!  Its great to be excited about your gnomes but make sure the person you are bragging too isn't part of the Gnome Liberation Movement or you might not see your gnome again.

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