August 21, 2012

Dreaming of a New Craft Room

Ok, so if you follow my blog at all you may be familiar with my on going desire to have a functioning craft room.  I am sloooowly getting there.  Last summer I bought/painted a sewing desk, found a giant bookcase from IKEA and made a rack to hold all of my ribbon and thread.  Sounds like I have it all figured out right?  Well....

Currently the bunnies and their pen are being housed in my room (the only one with a/c) so its a pretty tight squeeze for everything in there.  At least all of my craft supplies have a home.  But, the other problem is I have run out of storage for my packaging supplies.  I am creating bigger pieces such as dog beds and skateboard dishes and don't have any room to store the boxes I've been collecting to ship them.

So this weekend I got super excited to start designing my very own craft room for next year if we hopefully find a larger place.  And while I'm waiting for that day to come I have been keeping myself busy designing my dream craft space.  Here is a recap in photos of what I've done so far and my plans for my new room in the future:

This is what I started with at the beginning of last year.  It was far from ideal. I did not have enough storage for anything and it all ended up on the floor.

So then I bought this monster shelf from IKEA to house all of my crafts and books.  Which is an amazing feat since I have a ridiculous amount of stuff. 

I then got this great desk from Brandy and painted it red and added new hardware to match the black shelf.  While I was at it I also painted my dresser pictured in the previous photo to match the desk.

Here is the shelf in the room with my ribbon rack above.  As you can see, it is in the way of the closet which makes finding my shoes in the mornings really difficult.  But it works for the time being.

So now I am at the point of picking out new colors for my future craft area.  I know I want to continue with red and black since I already have those items.  I think I also want to throw in a bit of turquoise accents and maybe an off white or beige color for the walls.

Here is a sketch I put together yesterday of my ideal craft room. My red dresser would be the focal point with a couch and my sewing desk positioned where I can also watch tv while I work or when friends come over.  To the side I have my large bookcase with all of my craft supplies.  I would use the closet space for storage of my larger projects and packing materials. I also thought it would be fun to frame the tv with fabric behind it and a large turquoise picture frame in front.  On pinterest I saw this great idea to have your walls painted one color and then put white molding near the top of the wall and then paint the remainder of the walls and ceiling a sky blue.  It looked really pretty, I would like to try it out.

Here is my proposed floor plan.  Hopefully I can find a bedroom large enough to squeeze in a love seat or small couch! And obviously this is a loose plan since I don't even have a room to make an actual layout for.

I also grabbed some material samples to maybe use for some curtains, pillows or for the tv frame.

I hope you enjoyed my little craft room blog.  It will be a while before I get to set it up so hopefully I won't get too antsy!

August 11, 2012

Its Blueberry Season!

This morning we went out and picked a couple buckets worth of blueberries at Anderson Blues, North of Corvallis off Hwy 99.  We went back to the same spot we did last year.  We were too late in the season to pick the Spartan blueberries but the Dixi ones we picked were just as delicious.

 Stalking Emma through the blueberries like a paprazzi

 What a lovely stick Charlotte

 Char kept running away so Oz sat down to keep her entertained like a good dad

 Picking some Dixi blueberries

Yay! Fresh blueberries!
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