February 25, 2011

D.I.Y. Dog Collar

I know that I don't have a dog yet but I've been wanting to try making my own dog collar for  a few months now and decided that I should just do it.  I figured I can either use it in the future for my own dog (hopefully) or I can put it on my etsy site to sell.  It did not take very long at all.  I spent 20 mins at most sewing it together. 


  • 3 yards 1" webbing
  • 1 yard ribbon of your choice 1" or smaller
  • 1 D-ring
  • 1 slider 1"
  • 1 buckle  1"
  • 1 clip (if you plan to make a matching leash)
  • I decorative flower (optional)
All of these supplies can be found at a fabric store.  I found mine at Fabric Depot in Portland but I have seen them at Joanne's Fabric also.  I spent a total of  $12.74 for my supplies.  That's pretty cheap for a cute collar seeing as how most collars are between $20 and $30 in the store.  Make sure when you are buying your supplies that the width of the webbing and ribbon will fit through all of the hardware.
Here are the supplies I used to creat the collar.  There is an extra clip to make a matching leash.  I chose just to make the collar but the leash is pretty straightforward I didn't include it in this how to blog. 
First, sew the ribbon onto the webbing.  I bought a little bit extra of the ribbon so I could tuck it around the back side so when you sew the webbing together after the hardware is on the ribbon has a smooth look.  You could also use a cute fabric design if you like instead of ribbon.  Go slow to achieve an even sewing line.
Next place your d-ring on first followed by the female end of the buckle.
Tuck the ribbon over so that it lays behind both the buckle and the d-ring. Sew a square pattern with a criss cross through it behind the buckle.  The criss cross adds extra durability.
Repeat the criss cross square behind the d-ring

 On the other side put the slider and the male buckle end on the webbing so that it looks like this.  This part was the most confusing of the whole process.  It took me a few time to get it right.

 Then bring the webbing back through and under the first layer of webbing like this.  Once it is through the slider, adjust the webbing to find the correct width to fit on your puppy.  For example, a Boston terrier has a neck width of 12 to 18".

 Once you find the correct adjusted length, sew the end onto the rest of the webbing.  Make sure you sew it to the correct piece of the webbing so that it is still adjustable.  It should look like this when you are finished.

If you have a girl dog you can add a cute flower decal to your collar.  If its a boy, why not add a bow tie. The last step is to find a cute dog to put it on.   That's it your done!

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