February 11, 2011

Gnome Week: Day 2

Gnome Saying of the Day: "To Gnome me is to love me."
Gnome of the Day:  Aberforth


You might not see this little gnome right away.  He's not as outgoing as some of the other gnomes that live in the yard.  Don't be fooled into thinking he's the shy type.  He's actually an intellectual and prefers reading over conversations.  Before migrating from his home country, Albania, with his slightly older twin brother Albus (description located in Day 1 of Gnome Week) Aberforth was a scholar and spent most of his time at the Library reading every topic from ancient traditions of the gnomes to new developments in working the land.  He teaches the young gnomes of the neighborhood about their rich culture and how to be responsible young adult gnomes by respecting nature and fulfilling their roles as guardians of the animal kingdom.  When he is not teaching he can be found in secluded, quiet spots in the garden where he can reflect on life and study nature without any distractions.  Here, he has a lantern so that he can keep reading after the sun sets on top of this lawn chair/bird bath.  

Gnome Lesson of the Day:  There are Six types of Gnomes

 The most common is the Forest Gnome who rarely comes into contact with man.  His physical appearance resembles that of the ordinary gnome. The Forest gnome is a terrific woodcarver and flute player.  They live in trees and, like other gnomes, can run as fast as 35 miles per hour.

The Garden Gnome lives in gardens and lawns.  His nature is on the somber side, and he rather enjoys telling melancholy tales. If he begins to feel too closed in , he simply goes to the woods. But, as he is quite learned, he sometimes feels out of place there.  In order to keep your gnomes from getting bored provide them with different types of entertainment such as flowers to plant and water, veggie gardens to till, a bird bath to swim in, bird feeders to feed the birds....you get the idea.

Dune Gnomes are slightly larger than their woodland brethren and choose remarkably drab clothing. The men usually dress in gray and the women dress in khaki. 

House Gnomes have the most knowledge of man, often speaking his language. They know the most about mankind and gnome leaders usually tend to be House gnomes for this reason.  The House gnome is good-natured and likes to tease and prank others in a friendly way.

The farm gnome resembles the house gnome but is of a more constant nature and is conservative in all matters.

Siberian Gnomes have been more interbred than other Gnomes and associate freely with trolls. They are much larger than the other types and have an infinitely more nasty nature. It is best never to evoke the ire of such Gnomes for they delight in revenge. In certain regions there is not a single gnome to be trusted.

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