March 13, 2011

Auf Wiedersehen

So long, farewell my friends and family.  This will be my last post from the United States for the next two weeks.  I work two whole days next week and then I will be boarding an airplane, crossing the Atlantic and landing in Germany to have ten full days packed with European adventures.  I am very excited for this trip.  Not only do I get to explore a beautiful country I have never been to before but I also get to see my best friend since childhood.  My lovely friend Lauren and her husband have been working and living outside of Mannheim, Germany for the last few years and I wanted to visit them and share some of their amazing adventures they've been having already.

This is the first big trip either my boyfriend, Oz, or I have ever taken.  We've both traveled to Mexico several times while we grew up.  We both have family members there and I used to live there for 6 months to a year when I was in elementary school.  So its like a second or third home to both of us.  But we've never been to Europe and this will be the first time Oz has ever flown.  The plane ride itself will be quite an adventure. 

My bags are almost all packed.  Rain and chilly weather are the predictions for Germany in March...sounds a lot like Corvallis!  Guess I'll bring my rain boots, ha ha.  I've got plenty of snacks, a book, knitting supplies, a camera, my ipod and my traveling Gnome Mannheim in my carry on so I think I'm just about ready.  I still need to pick up some batteries and an extra memory card before we leave.  I have all my camera and computer stuff with me so I will be blogging and keeping everyone back home updated on our tour of Germany and surrounding countries. 

I'm getting so excited.  I wake up every morning thinking about seeing my best friend.  She is amazing and so is her husband.  I hope the bunnies won't miss us too much.  I have a bunny sitter lined up to keep those naughty kids in line while we are away.    We'll everyone, if I don't see or talk to you before I leave, have a great spring break and I will be sure to have tons of great stories when I get back.

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