March 22, 2011

Strasbourg, France: Day One

After leaving the spa town of Baden Baden we crossed over the French border and stayed over night in the city of Strasbourg.  After fighting traffic and almost running over pedestrians we finally found our hotel, only five blocks from the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Strasbourg.  As soon as we were settled into our room we were off to find some delicious French dining.  Leaving the hotel we were surrounded by a charming, quint city filled with shops and buildings more than a few hundred years old.  A few blocks on our way to the Cathedral we found a French Bakery and ate the most delicious paninis and had the smallest cups of coffee any of us had ever seen.

Our view from the hotel room

A few more blocks and we arrived at the Notre-Dame de Strasbourg.  It was absolutely breath taking.  It looked exactly like the gothic cathedrals I studied in Art History during college.  There was a man sitting in front of the cathedral playing an instrument and had the most amazing singing voice.  I tried to upload a video of him but it took to long. I couldn't figure out how to post it.  Oz did some research when we got home and found out his name is Luc Arbogast.  He was stunning.  He was dressed in medival clothing and had tatoos and all sorts of piercings. I recommend you watch the youtube videos of him on the internet.  I will try again to post his video we took.

 Cathedral Notre-Dame de Strasbourg

 The entrance to the cathedral

 A downspout on the church

Luc Arbogast

 After exploring the cathedral we browsed the tourist shops and then wandered the streets and found ourselves in the area of Petite France.  The whole area we trekked was close to the river Ill.  France was beautiful.  There were willow trees sweeping the river waters, cobblestone streets and lots and lots of dogs.  Most of you know I have a soft spot for dogs.  We saw 7 french bulldogs, 2 pugs and 1 english bulldogs (all of my favorites).

 Getting lost in France

 A cute little restaurant on the Ill river

 My best friend Lauren and I next to an amazing tree

When the sun set we went bar hopping and tried a few beers and wines at some local spots.  The first restaraunt we went to had amazing decor.  It was dimly lit and had these black walls and stairs that had rectangular lights cut in them that gave the place a ritzy glow.  Here we had a drink and tried the escargo.  It was very good.  They served it on a pizza like dish.  It tasted like clams.  We then went to a more local dive spot where we were seranaded by a French man.  Once he found out we were from the states he sang us a song in english.  After that we found a young person hotspot and talked with some french students who wanted to know what we thought of their city.

Under the moonlight in France.  Can you get any more romantic?

On the way back to our hotel we stopped and ate Doner Kababs (amazing).  They were these giant pitas filled with shredded meat, veggies and a dill sauce.  Yummy! We went back for more the next day.  

P.S. If I have any spelling errors in my posts,  my computer is only checking German spelling so it doesn't recognize any of these words.

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