March 24, 2011

Gnomes of Hemsbach

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here.  Its been in the upper 50's and 60's since we've been here and nothing but sunny skies.  Tuesday, the 22nd of March we were suppose to head back to Heidelburg for the day while Lauren and Doug were at work but our dear Lauren came down with a cold and stayed home from work.  Instead we wandered the streets of Hemsbach, their home town, to visit the church.  While we were looking at houses and yards, our adventure turned into a quest to find native German garden gnomes.

 Lauren catching some early morning rays

 Grumpy gargoyles

 Mannheim found a sleepy friend

 Under a forsythia bush

 A welcome gnome

 We saw two of these sleepwalking gnomes with the nighty shirts and caps still on

 Lauren spotted this guy down a driveway

 The owner of this house trims the bush into a heart for his wife every Spring

 Two gnomes, a frog and a wind catcher

 Manny against a forest and castle back ground

 Lots of gnomes at the Kik store

Manny was so happy to find lots of friends to talk to at the grocery store

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