March 28, 2011

Heidelberg and the rest of our trip

After Worms, we went to Heidelberg and hiked up to Heidelberg Castle.  It doesn't look as impressive from the outside but once you walk inside it is huge and has lots of balconies with beautiful views of the town and river.  This castle was one of my favorites because of the courtyards and accessibility to the outdoors.

The view from the town of Heidelberg

Looking down from the main balcony of the castle.  This is the large Lutheran Church of the city

Us girls enjoying the view

This is a keg. It is stored in the "basement"  It is at least two and a half stories high.  No joke.

 Part of the castle has been turned into a medical museum.  Each room chronicles the changes in medicine throughout history.

 The distillery part of the museum

 Inside the courtyard

 Walking through a vaulted tunnel to get to the main courtyard

 Oz with his girls

A beautiful fountain in the main courtyard

Well, we are at the end of our trip.  This is my last post of Germany. It was an amazing trip.  We both are already thinking about going back in the future.  We had lots of fun with Lauren and Doug and miss them so much already.  Our flight back to the states was exhausting.  It took us 30 hours to get home.  We had a 12 hour layover in Vancouver over night and ended up sleeping on across a row of chairs.  Not very ideal but more comfortable than the plane ride.  Stay tuned for a special blog post in the next few days from Mannheim the traveling gnome.  He has his own pictures to share with you along with facts of Germany and some helpful tips if you find yourself oversees.

 We found some friends in the Vancouver airport

 He's so tall

This is a picture Oz's niece drew for us when we got back to Oregon.  She is so cute.  She drew us in Germany with the Notre Dam church and the green stove from Cochem castle and she is on the other side of the ocean missing us.  So sweet.  I think we are going to frame this!

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