April 04, 2011

Mannheim's Trip through Germany

Hello All, Mannheim here. I was finally able to sneak onto Jessica's computer while she's out gardening to post my own photos and tidbits I picked up while traveling in Germany and France.  Most of the time I was stuffed inside a purse but I did get out and talk to the locals and find out how they live.

Here I am at the airport.  Music is a great way to bring different cultures together.  I'm listing to this  gentleman's ipod.  He has fine taste in music, and clothing if I might say so.

To save energy, I always take the moving walkway.

Notre Dam Strasbourg, France.  A beautiful Gothic cathedral.

Luc Arbogast in front of Notre Dam.  Sorry the video is sideways, Jessica couldn't figure out how to rotate it.

On the balcony of the Best Western.  A beautiful morning this was.

Outside the Cochem Castle.  It was common to see murals like this one on the castles, cathedrals and buildings in each town.
This horn centerpiece was used as a wine glass.  It was passed around the table until it was empty.
The two tall steins hold 5 liters of wine, the small one holds 1 liter.  This was the daily ration each man and woman was allowed to drink.
A vine covered sign in Cochem
Here I am in front of Constantine's Basilica in Trier, Germany
In the courtyard of the palace next to the Basilica

This was the first local I met on my trip.  He was quite drooly and not much of a conversationalist.

I saw a few local gnomes from a distance.  They were all pretty busy and didn't have time to chat.
A neighborhood sign in Hemsbach
Finally, some real gnomes to talk to!
I don't know what these gnomes have been eating but they are quite a bit larger than American gnomes.

After all the people were asleep, I snuck out the attic window and met up with these fellas at the pub.
This movie sure looks a lot like Mall Cop.
Here I am passing through the check point at the Air Force base in Rammstein.
Sitting down for dinner inside the Air Force Base mall.  The Germans have much larger beer mugs than in the States.
Overlooking the Bavarian Alps.  Its good I'm not scared of heights because one false move and I could have ended up in pieces on the bottom of this mountain.
On the other side of the lake with the Nurnberg museum behind me.
The podium that Hitler stood from at the rally grounds.  You might be able to see me, I'm standing in front of the rails.
A closer view.  Its a very impressive structure.
Looking out on to what used to be the Nazi rally field where they held troop assemblies and parties.
Now it is a race track and a park.
Ausfahrt means exit in German.  It became a joke that Ausfahrt is the largest city in German because every exit leads you to Ausfahrt.

This is what a German toilet looks like.  Its pretty similar except the handle to flush is missing.  Instead you press the button located on the wall about the bowl.
Looking out onto the charming town of Heidelberg.
There were lots of pugs here.  Jessica and Lauren went a little crazy and took lots of photos of each pug they saw on the trip.

You should be able to recognize this song.  Its Achy Breaky Heart from Billy Ray Cyrus

Gotta run.  I hear Jessica coming back in the house.  Until next time...

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