April 12, 2011

Misadventures of Tri Met

This past Sunday I was in Portland hanging out with my friend Amy.  Normally when we get together we are either crafting or buying new items to make crafts in the future.  This trip was no exception.  After I got to her apartment we headed to IKEA where we both went on a shopping spree.  I bought tons of stuff to help me declutter my room.  We just barely fit everything into the car.  The hardest part was fitting a 6 foot shelf into my not so spacious trunk and back seat.  I don't think I could have figured it out without my girl.  She shoved that shelf into the car like she does this all the time.  She had to give up the front seat in order to get it in but we did it! We stuffed the trunk, the back seat and the front passenger seat.  If that wasn't impressive enough we also found more goodies at a second hand store that we had to wedge into the front seat.

My trunk was too full after visiting IKEA

The last box for the shelf had to be positioned above the front seat and the back window.  It looks dangerous but it was so well wedged in there it didn't move an inch.

I had to chauffeur Amy around after IKEA because she didn't fit up front.

Amy peeking out from the back seat in between boxes

Also at the antique stores we found some really interesting items like this old TV with dinosaurs in it

We found this framed Lord of the Rings Legolas poster

I also found this nifty horned dragon hat thing

After our shopping expedition we went down to Powell street to find this cider brewery.  Since the car was stuffed to the brim we decided to take the bus through town since it was a straight shot from Amy's house to the brewery.  What should have been a 20 minute bus ride turned out to be a bus ride plus a 45 minute walk because we accidentally got off at the wrong stop and thought it would only be a few more blocks to where we were going.  It turned out we were a lot farther than we expected and ended up walking down Milwaukee street for 3.5 miles.  We both earned a few blisters and some sore muscles but it was a nice day and we found some interesting sites along the way.

We passed this neat little coffee shop on the way

I spotted a garden gnome in some one's front yard

This was a candy shop that looked like a life size ginger bread house

A welcome sign to this shop

It was a winter wonderland

At this point we were about half way to our destination and were contemplating paying this little boy to push us in his wagon the rest of the way

We finally made it to Bushwhackers!

We didn't know the cider place didn't serve food so after our hard cider we walked farther down 12th street and found these awesome food carts.  We had some burritos and delicious crepes for dessert.

After we ate it started to rain so we hopped back on the bus and rode it successfully all the way back to Amy's house.

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