April 18, 2011

So little time...

I started my weekend with big plans of working in the yard and traveling to Portland to visit my soon to be Boston Terrier puppy.  Unfortunately the weekend had different plans for me.  On Wednesday I hurt my back some how while I was cleaning the house. It probably happened while I was assembling my new IKEA shelf (photos will be posted soon).  So my plans to finish the patio corner didn't happen because I was afraid I would agrivate my back more if I did any heavy lifting.  Instead, I planted a few starts and spread my poppy seeds in the side beds.  I also trimmed some of the plants in the courtyard/patio area outside our livingroom.  I was surprised because more plants are coming back than I thought. 

 The daffodils are in full bloom right now

 Purple and white tulips mixed with daffodils

 The pansies lasted the whole winter and are still blooming

 Lamium is growing and blooming already

My trunk filled with spring flowers

Also this weekend I planned to visit CeCe the mamma dog that hopefully will give birth to my new puppy this spring.  As life goes, not everything goes as planned and we had to reschedule for another day.  I wasn't sure how to spend the rest of my day so I went to the hardware store and bought supplies to make my new dog bed out of the trunk I bought at the Antique Store last weekend with Amy.  I also finished some doggie bandanas I have been working on for a while and posted them on my etsy site.  Here are some of them below:

 Amy's pup Porter is sporting the All American Bandana

 I made them to slip over a dog's collar to avoid the extra weight of tying them around the neck

 Porter was a good sport and sat very still.  Good job Amy on training this cutie.

 You might remember Joey.  He was wearing this bandana in one of the Schmidt's emails a few weeks ago.  (If you don't know what I am referring to you can go to schmidtsgardencenter.com and view previous emails and sign up for great gardening advice)

Of course I had to make a OSU bandana

I have a lot more designs that I need to post online.  I plan to get to it soon.  My photos didn't turn out as nice as I wanted so I am going to reshoot them this week.

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