January 09, 2012

Portland Nursery on Division

I spent the day with Amy in Portland yesterday. I dropped off Charlotte at Amy's so she could play with Porter then Amy and I were off and about. Eventually We went to a plant nursery in search of plants for Amy's apartment. We went to the Portland nursery on Division Street. 

It was a pretty cool spot. We found some staghorn ferns mounted on the walls. We both bought a 4" one to make our own.

We saw a hanging basket filled with beautiful red speckled pitcher plants.

A giant jade plant that was about 4 feet tall.

They had tons of tropical plants more than a story high. I'm standing under a giant palm plant with fronds so large they could double as an umbrella.

They also had a great selection of succulents and cacti. Inside the greenhouse was a mini desert display with all sorts of cacti growing around rocks and boulders. Out front they even had living walls made with succulents.

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