January 16, 2012

D.I.Y. Sunburst Mirror

 This weekend project was to make an impressive star burst mirror using very simply materials.  I have been looking for ideas to dress up the entryway and make it flow a little better with the office area.  I thought about hanging up our long boards in this area but they are pretty heavy and I didn't want to damage the walls with a lot of hardware.  Plus the wheels get very dirty and would make the white walls look dingy after awhile so instead I browsed the Internet for ideas and found this great mirror tutorial at hisugarplum.blogspot.com.  It was very simple to make and only cost about 10 dollars.  I bought a pack of shims at home depot for 5 dollars, a 6" and a 12" wooden floral wreath at Michael's for 3 dollars and a 10" mirror from a thrift store.  It only took a few hours to put together and was hanging on the wall the following day.

 Once the mirror was hung on the wall it looked great!  It was the perfect size to fit the wall and coordinated perfectly with the wood details from the office area and the hall closet.  This was the best idea I've found in awhile.  I love this mirror!

After hanging up the mirror Oz wanted to take my photo in the mirror and describe how the mirror was constructed.  It was not a very good explanation on my part, so if you want to see how to make the mirror for yourself click here


  1. WooHoo -- it looks great!! I'm glad you like it...it's one of my fave projects from last year!


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