January 10, 2012

National Houseplant Appreciation Day

Today is National Houseplant Appreciation Day.  I'm not making this up.  You can find it online if you type in obscure calendar holidays.  Anyways, in honor of this day, this morning I pampered my houseplants by watering, fertilizing and dusting them.  I also did a bug check.  It's a good thing I did because one of my orchids had a few scales on it.  Yuck!  Scale is not something I want on my plants, it is very tough to get rid of it gets to be a serious problem.  But luckily I caught the infestation in time before it spread to all the houseplants.

Here are a few photos to show off my houseplants:

This is a lady slipper orchid.  I bought this one last week when I went up to the Portland Plant Market for work duties.  I love lady slippers and I really like how dark this one is.
This is the first orchid I bought 3 years ago.  It is so delicate looking and the blooms last up to 9 months!  Last year I successfully got it to re bloom, the first time since taking it home a few years prior.

 This is a before and after shot of the hoya plant I rescued from being trash 2-3 years ago.  It only had 2 leaves on it when I saved it and now it has vines 3 feet long.  I give credit to saving this plant to a good sunny location and keeping it very dry between waterings.

 I recently put in a houseplant shelf above the office area.  Before, my plants were scattered everywhere and never had a permanent home.  I chose this spot because they are out of the way, there is plenty of light and it really added a natural look to this corner. I also switched out the light in this corner with a full spectrum light that houseplants need if they aren't exposed to enough natural sunlight. Soon I would like to replant all of these plants and put them into matching pottery.  I haven't decided how to do this yet but I think it will look great when everything is the same color combination.

 Lastly, here is my Christmas cactus a friend gave me a cutting of 2 years ago.  This one is sitting in my bedroom.  I love this plant because it blooms once in winter and again in spring.  I like the orange/pink combination of its petals.

Well, that's all for me.  Be sure and pamper your own houseplants today.  Even just a kind word can make all the difference to your plants!

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