January 14, 2012

D.I.Y. Earring Display Case

 This weekend I put the finishing touches on my new earring display case.  I borrowed the idea of using a briefcase as the earring holder from a fellow earring maker and added my own personal touches to the project.  

 I first bought a used briefcase from goodwill for about 8 dollars.  I then removed the interior organizer dividers from the upper portion of the briefcase.

 Once the extra stuff from the interior had been removed I used a scrap piece of fabric I had lying around and glued it into the upper and lower portions of the briefcase using Elmer's adhesive spray.  I thought I used a lot of glue but I think most of it sank into the fabric on the briefcase because it didn't hold its adhesion very well.

 To add better bond between the fabric and the interior of the briefcase I hot glued a ribbon of 3/4" ribbon I found in the bias tape section of the craft store.  The ribbon also helped hide the rough, ragged edges of the fraying fabric on the ends.

 Once the fabric and ribbon was securely attached, I cut dowel rods to fit lengthwise across my briefcase which would hold my earring cards.  I hot glued 3 dowel rods to the fabric.  Before I did this I first screwed in 6 3/4" cup hooks into each dowel rod for the earrings to slide onto.

Here is a close up of the dowels and cup hooks.  I think I hot glued the rods on a little crooked but once the earring cards were on them I couldn't tell.

 Finally, I added my earrings and its done!  I had space to hang 18 different earrings which was just about perfect for what I needed.

 On the bottom of the briefcase I used a few extra dowel rods to section off the bottom to hold more jewelry or business cards or whatever I can think of in the future.

I hope you enjoyed this project.  It was a fun way to display my jewelry.  This is a great project for jewelry makers, sellers or just to display your own personal collection.

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  1. What a neat and clever idea! A great way to keep it organized.


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