January 24, 2012

Autumn Forest Painting

 I finally finished a painting I've been working on since September.  I wanted something to remind me of the fall, my favorite time of the year.  So I painted a group of trees in the woods with lots of oranges and browns to coordinate with the rest of the living room. I love aspens and used them as inspiration for my abstract trees. I didn't really know where this painting would lead me when I started it.  I think that's why it took so long to finish it.  For most of fall it sat on the wall above the couch a blank white canvas with pencil marks on it.  Then in November I finished the sky and the tree canopy.  And finally, yesterday I painted the forest floor and the tree trunks.

This painting is the largest canvas I've painted.  Its by no means the best painting I've done.  Its pretty sloppy and I kept running out of paint so the color doesn't match up in a lot of places.  But, I really like it and from a distance you don't notice my mess ups that easy.

Hurray! The painting looks great above the couch.  

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