June 28, 2011

Seeing Red

Over the weekend I was able to get out and enjoy the sunshine.  I spent the majority of my days off refurbishing a desk I just picked up from a friend that was moving.  I've been wanting a desk to use as a sewing station. I preferred to get a used one so I could paint it to match the rest of the room. So on Sunday I pushed the desk outside and sanded it down and then painted it.  I also bought new hardware to update the look of the desk. 

The desk before I painted it

I used Behr paint with primer.  The color is called High Drama and is the same red I painted Charlotte's dog bed.

Close up of new hardware.  Its simple but very elegant.

After the paint dried I used a flower pattern and traced it onto the top of the desk and then filled the design in with black.  I wanted to add a touch of nature to the desk but keep it very simple.

Design detail

After everything was dry I was planning on sealing the whole desk with a clear polyurethane to keep it shiny and durable, but it started raining before I had a chance too.  So the next nice weekend I will finish sealing the desk.  I also plan to paint my dresser the same color and design as the desk.  They are in the same room and I think it would look more put together if they looked like a set.

The desk and dresser are part of my new designs to pull together the whole look of my bedroom/craft area.  I am almost finished with organizing/decorating my room and then I will share photos of the whole project.

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