June 09, 2011

Its Raining Babies!

Hand made baby blanket filled with hand made baby clothes and accessories

 This summer is starting off with lots of showers, baby showers that is.  My boyfriend's little sister is expecting her first baby any day now.  She could be having it tonight for all we know.  We're all very excited for her and I wanted to make a handmade present for the newest family member.  The last two weeks I've been working hard putting my baby shower present together and haven't had much time for blogging.  All the energy and time was worth it.  I'm excited to show everyone what I've been working on.  Luisa, if you are reading this STOP NOW and advert your eyes.  No peeking, you will see your present soon enough.

Sock Monkey Blanket with Sun hat and Booties
  I have a thing for sock monkey fabric.  Its soooo cute.  I've created more projects just so I have an excuse to buy all the different colors and patterns it comes in.  For baby Gabriel I used the soft blue design with a coordinating backside.  This was the inspiration for the rest of the baby clothes.  I wanted to create a few sets of outfits that Luisa could mix and match.  The baby hat and booties above can be worn with both outfits I made.

Jungle Outfit
  First I made really cute jungle print pants with a semi-formal tie onsie.  The tie pattern matches the cuff of the pants. 

 I also made a matching sun "safari" hat with the same fabric as the tie and cuffs.  I added a second pattern to the sun hat and used the leftovers to make making booties with green buttons on the sides.

 Baby's sun hat

 Baby's Booties

 Detail of the back of the pants.  I cut out and hand sewed a little monkey face on the back of the pants.

Dinosaur Outfit
  When I saw this dinosaur fabric I knew I had to make baby pants or pj's out of it.   I used the dino pattern for the pants and then made a stencil of the t-rex in the design and blew it up to make a felted dinosaur on the matching onsie.  I used puff paint to give this little guy an eye and a heart. 

 A close up of the t-rex with a heart filled with baby love.

I then folded the new clothes and added a few more baby items I bought and wrapped it all up inside the sock monkey blanket like a diaper.  If I had the right color of ribbon I would have tied it around the bundle and added the anagram 'G' for baby Gabriel.  This will have to wait for tomorrow when I can go buy some.  After I finish I will update this blog with the final photo of the finished project. 

At the beginning of this post I implied that there were multiple baby showers this summer, and there are.  Next month my boyfriend's oldest brother and his wife are expecting their second child and their first baby girl.  So in a few weeks I will be back to making baby clothes.  I'm really excited to make some little girl clothes and hair accessories.  Frank, the father to be is also a Beaver fan so I will be sure to add an Oregon State outfit in the mix.

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