June 15, 2011

Blooming Beauties

June has been a rainy month so far but the flowers are starting to bloom everywhere.  My garden is full of beautiful colors and smells from many different blooms.  Here are a few photos of what is already out for this season.
 Purple Russell's blend lupine.  I planted this from seed last year.  It looks so pretty I decided to plant more on the backside of the yard this year.

 Orange iris from Schmidt's.  The color is much deeper in person.  It also smells like fruity pebbles. Mmmm.

 Charlotte running with a rose blossom. 

 Inside of a foxglove

 Starship Enterprise Iris. Also from Schmidt's.

 Pink salvia.  These I took home from the store after they were done blooming and nobody wanted them. They were very sad looking plants last summer. Now as you can see they are in full bloom.

 Pink peony blossom.  Another plant I rescued from the store after it was done blooming.  It only has two blooms on it this year.  They are such a rich color, it will be beautiful when its fully open.

 Purple iris, these are growing all over the yard.  Some are four feet high, some are only 2.  I like these iris even after they are done blooming because they have tall grass like foliage.

 White iris.  These I didn't know were in the yard until this spring.  They haven't bloomed the last two years.

 Mimulus, an annual I planted in an old firebox.

 Fuchsia.  I have seen a female Anna's hummingbird stop by a few times to visit this plant.

Cape fuchsias are about to bloom.  Like a fuchsia this attracts hummingbirds but it can be planted in full sun.

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