June 21, 2011

Beach Babe

On the way to the coast

Monday, a few of us girls had the day off from work and the weather was finally starting to feel like summer so we took Charlotte to the beach for her first time.  The four of us headed to Newport for the day.  We walked along the bay front, watched the sea lions, ate some lunch and then went to South Beach to catch some rays.  Charlotte had a great time the whole day.  She made lots of friends along the boardwalk.  We even went to a pet store and bought her a new toy for the beach.

Eating lunch before hitting the beach

Charlotte and Brandy

Charlotte loved the sand.  As soon as we put our bags and blanket down she started rolling all over the sand and our purses.

Charlotte made a Jack Russell friend named Oscar.  He looks sad here because his family was in the water but he didn't like it so he waited for them safely on the beach. 

Charlotte with her new sand toy from Bow Wow Meow in Newport. 

She was covered in sand everywhere!

Running away from the waves

Girls at the beach

Even Mannheim came with us to the beach.  He was hoping to see some Dune Gnomes but alas they did not show up that day.

Igor our falcon kite

We buried Mannheim in the sand.  He didn't mind.  He enjoyed catching some rays between cloud breaks.

Charlotte and Mannheim on the drive home.  She was so exhausted on the way home.  Running in the sand really wore her out.

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  1. Hi Sis, I enjoyed looking at all your pictures. Your martha stewart cookies look delicious, yours have more character than hers. Love Charlotte. She is getting big. Miss you,,,have a happy 4th! Love Mom


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