July 03, 2011

Recipe: Martha Stewart's Firework Cookies

If you've perused the magazine collections while at a check out line in a grocery store this past month you may have noticed some red and white and blue star burst cookies on the cover of the July issue of Martha Stewart magazine. 

Pretty awesome pinwheel cookies right?  After seeing these, I just had to make them.  Usually I'm not that into holidays outside of November/December but this year I decided I wanted to go all out for 4th of July and make some Patriotic cookies!  So here's what happened:

I was off to a good start until 5 mins into making my cookie dough when I dropped an entire eggshell into the mixer while it was on high.  I thought about leaving them in there, but then I decided no one at the picnic tomorrow would want to eat crunchy cookies.  I had to take out all my dough and dig through to make sure I didn't leave any pieces behind. 

After that little incident it was smooth sailing until I got to the part of making the icing.  The recipe called for meringue powder which I hadn't even heard of until reading the ingredients list.  I followed the icing instructions pretty well I thought.  I mixed it until it looked like Elmer's glue, just like the recipe said.  Then I added my different colors and spread them on the cookies just like Martha (so I thought).  After I finished decorating all my cookies they slowly started melting to one side and dribbling off the cookie edges, taking my pinwheel patterns with them.  So now I am left with sad little cookies look like they were left in the sun too long. 

I'm not sure where I went wrong.  Maybe my cookies weren't cool enough or maybe I should have mixed the icing longer or maybe I didn't add enough powdered sugar.  Either way, it was fun to make them and I am still excited to show them off tomorrow.  I also have festively dyed red and blue palms to match my outfit tomorrow!

The cookies shown below are the best ones of the batch.  The firework didn't totally slide off the cookie yet.  I had extra icing left over and added solid colors to half my cookies and topped them off with sprinkles.  You can't mess sprinkles up...right?

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