July 15, 2011

Premier of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Fred and George Weasley
 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was the best movie premier I have ever been to.  Not only did the final movie live up to its potential, the whole experience was something I will remember for a very long time.  Its not often that I use the word 'epic' to describe something but that is what the movie premier was, epic.  Let me walk you through my evening and explain why.

As soon as work was over at 5 pm I went home and finished putting together Brandy's and my Gryffindor lion hats to wear with our tees.  This took me until about 7:30.  Brandy came over to my house just as I was finishing.  We were planning to head to the movies about 9 to get our seats reserved for the 12:01 showing but we had nothing better to do so we walked about 2 miles through Corvallis to get to the theater.  It took us only a half hour and thats with our detour of getting some snacks in the grocery store.

 This is what the line looked like at 8pm for Harry Potter.  The movie didn't start until 12am, and there is already a huge line 4 hours before showtime.  Luckily we had early seating so we didn't have to wait in line with everyone.  We were able to sit in our seats for 4 hours.  Yay!

 Phil, Brandy and Rachel all dressed up and waiting for the movie to start.  We were handed special Harry Potter addition 3-D glasses to watch the movie.

 To Pass the time we played some Hang Man, Harry Potter addition. We weren't very good at this game.  It didn't last long.

 Rachel and I took a break and went to find free posters in the lobby.  They were sold out so we settled on photos with Harry Potter instead.

The best part of the whole night was when two people who didn't know each other that came dressed as Harry Potter and Lord Voldermort gave the audience an impromptu show using spells from the books and jumping over furniture and throwing wands about.  They were hysterical.  I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes.  I was amazed at how quick they could think on the spot.  It was like watching a battle between wizards on the movie.

 After the movie we were all full of excitement and tears.  George and I took a moment to take a moment to take a photo with our little brother, Ron.

Here are the backs of our shirts with the F and G in the middle of the lion.

 Me, Rachel and Brandy.  Rachel was dressed in an elaborate owl costume she made out of felt.

 About half of the Schmidt's staff was up until 2:30 am watching Harry Potter.  Unfortunately we all had to work in the morning.  We were all hoping for a slow day and lots of coffee.  We spent most of the day going over plot lines and talking about the whole experience.

As much as I am sad to see the final movie.  It was a wonderful journey reading all the books and viewing all the movies.  Thank you J.K. Rowling for inspiring me with all your imagination. 

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