May 24, 2011

Recipe: Stuffed Zucchini and Potato Side Dish

Ever since coming home from spring break I have not been in the mood to cook at all.  Last week I finally decided I need to start making real food for dinner so I tried out a few new recipes.  This night I made a stuffed zucchini dish with baby russet potatoes with mashed peas.  We had lots of leftovers from a few different nights and I used them to fill the zucchini dish.

Stuffed Zucchini: 

Take two zucchini and cut lengthwise and scoop out contents and leave the shell intact.  Fill shells with cooked brown rice (I just put in enough to cover the bottom of the zucchini shells, maybe 1/4 a cup)  Then in a mixing bowl cut up the contents of the zucchini and mix with chopped mushrooms, cooked Italian sausage ( I used a grilled bratwurst since that's what we had on hand), chopped sweet onion and Parmesan cheese.  Put mixture onto of rice inside zucchini shell. Bake on 350 degrees for 20 mins.


Boil 10 baby russet potatoes until you can stick them through with a fork.  Meanwhile heat on the stove fresh or frozen peas until hot.  Take off stove and mash peas with chives, basil, pepper and salt.  When potatoes are done cut in half and scoop peas on top.

The Result:

The zucchini was delicious.  I really enjoyed this dish. I recommend trying this recipe. The potatoes were not my favorite.  It tasted like they were missing something.  I took the potato recipe from the current issue from Martha Stewart magazine and tweaked it.  Maybe I should have stuck with her instructions but I still don't think it would have tasted better.  Next time I would probably just top the potatoes with some plain yogurt or sour cream. 

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