May 27, 2011


Wednesday night I took Charlotte over to a friend's house who just got a new puppy this week.  Izzie is a 7 week old mini American Eskimo puppy.  She is a very cute ball of fluff.  She is 5 weeks younger than Charlotte but with all of her fur they are almost the exact same size.  At their full adult size they will also be about the same height and weight.  When we arrived for our play date Charlotte was very nervous and didn't want to play.  Izzie was full of puppy energy and was pouncing on Charlotte and biting her legs while Charlotte hid on my lap.  Eventually Charlotte warmed up and they played for more than a hour both inside and outdoors. Playtime finally came to an end when little Izzie had to take a nap from using up all her energy.  It was great to see Charlotte play with a dog her size.  She hasn't really experienced many other dogs. She is either to scared of them or she is too hyper for older dogs that don't want to play with a puppy.  But I think Izzie and Charlotte will soon be best friends and have a really fun summer together.  Unfortunately for my bunnies, Charlotte is now practicing her new play fighting tactics with them and they are not amused.

They look like they are about to touch noses and be friends but as soon as I took this photo Izzie seized this moment to take Charlotte off guard and get her front legs.

Charlotte's still not sure what to do at this point.

The girls went crazy as soon as we took them outside.  They would run and tackle each other and then chase each other again.
They were attacking so fast they looked like one big blur running by.

Most of their battle was silent except for Charlotte's snorting noises she makes.   I was surprised at how gentle they were playing.  No one got hurt.

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