May 23, 2011

Garden Journal: May 23rd

This weekend I finally finished most of my projects in the garden.  Sunday was a very busy day for Charlotte and I.  We were up at 6 am taking photos of the garden.  And then we spent the rest of the day finishing the patio table area (you can find photos of this project under the post Dinner for Two).  I also mowed the lawn while Charlotte barked and attacked the mower.  The only thing left to finish in the garden is to plant a few more peppers and weed a little in the far back corner.  Here are some photos from the first blooms of the summer season.

The rhododendron bush is a beautiful light pink

I'm not sure what this plant is. Its probably a weed but its a pretty blue and it keeps coming back even when I dig it up.

These tree blossoms are a delicate pretty flower.  Unfortunately they smell awful.

Vinca vine.  I hate this plant because I cannot get rid of it but it does have beautiful flowers.

This planter has a jumble of plants in it.  I'm not sure how its going to look.  Its a mix of whatever plants I had left over from other projects.

Gnomes are invading the yard!  I know have 11 gnomes roaming the garden.  This does not include the three in the house or the gnome salt and pepper shakers.

Lupine is just about to bloom

The humming bird station is all planted and ready to bloom soon.

My humming bird station includes red nasturtiums, a cape fuchsia, thunbergia, rudbeckia, foxglove and lupine.

There is a basket filled with petunias and million bells.  It doesn't look the best right now.  Its had a rough couple of months but soon it will look spectacular.

Verbena and bacopa basket I bought from Schmidts

Tea cup and saucer bird feeder.  I have 2 of these for sale on my etsy shop.

So cute in a blooming garden.

Charlotte doing some modeling for my dog bandanas on my etsy shop.

She even has an Oregon State bandana

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