July 03, 2012

Update: Pond Life

Its been almost three months since I put my wine barrel fish pond in the backyard. It has really been flourishing since I put it all together. The water lily is especially taking off. There are about four or five more shoots still coming up from the bottom. I'm not sure if it will bloom this year, it doesn't quite get full sun in this spot. And surprisingly the creeping jenny is still going, even though it is not really a water plant. The corkscrew rush had to be removed. I'm not sure if it got too soggy or if it was just unhappy that Charlotte kept taking it out of the pond to swing it around the yard.

Yesterday I reconfigured a few things about it. The water had turned so green from algae growth that I couldn't even see the goldfish any more. So in the morning I carefully removed the plants and the goldfish and held them in a cooler while I removed the old water and sprayed out the container. I also made a net like fixture around the pump because the lily pads are delicate and break if they get under the water fountain.

A close up of one of the lily pads. It just rained this morning so it was covered in rain drops. And, happy to note, all of my goldfish are still alive and thriving!

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