June 30, 2012

D.I.Y Mailman Costume for Pets

Last weekend Charlotte and I attended a costume party, a Super Villian Convention if you will.  Charlotte was dressed as a mailman (a dog's own super villian).  This was a very easy costume.  The only thing I had to buy was a little boy's button down blue shirt from goodwill.

Here is the boy's shirt after I cute the waist and arms to fit Charlotte's body.  I rolled the sleeves to hide the unfinished hem.

 Using tan fabric I had on hand I fashioned a very simple sling bad and added a cuff from the little boy's shirt to add a decorative label to the bag.

 Then I added three envelopes and hot glued them to the bag.  They were addressed to Miss Cat Woman, Mr. Big Bad Wolf and Mr. Sharekhan from the Jungle book (all Super villians).  Then I used some puff paint to add a U.S. Mail logo to her bag.

Theres my sweet girl!  Her outfit was very simple.  It only took me an hour from start to finish.  (plus a few hours for the puff paint to dry.)

Coming up:  photos from the rest of the super villian party.  Stay tuned!

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