June 22, 2012

Guest Artist: Gina Hoppe

A friend of mine, Gina Hoppe, is an amazing artist and I FINALLY am getting around to featuring her on my blog.  Gina just graduated from OSU in Animal Sciences with minors in both chemistry and art.  Gina just got accepted to study veterinary sciences in Dublin, Ireland starting this fall.  So, as her friend and fellow artist, I am promoting her very talented skills and asking everyone to please check out her etsy site for original block prints and encaustic works.  Click HERE to go to her etsy page.

Encaustic Abstract Giclee Print Blue and Black
This is one of Gina's encaustic abtract giclee Prints

Gina dabbles in a variety of art techniques including wood blocks, lithography and encaustics.  Encaustics involve layers of melted beeswax and pigment that mix together in unique textures.  She also has a series of prints from collages that she made when she studied abroad at sea last spring in 2011.  She took inspiration from many of the places she visited including Vietnam, India and Ghana.

Please check out the artwork of a very talented woman and help support her on her future endeavors in Dublin!  Thanks for reading everyone!

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