July 03, 2012

Super Villian Convention

Calling all Super Villains!  Last weekend to celebrate a friend's 30th birthday we dressed up as villains for a super villain party.  In this photo we have the Hamburglar (Whitney) Cruella Deville(Rachel), the Queen of Hearts (Brandy) and the Wicked Witch of the East (me).

We are dressed to impress!
There was even a part of the house to get our villain mug shots! 
We had to keep Charlotte away from Cruella, she kept eyeing her black and white coat, naughty!
I had a really hard time sitting down in my outfit.  The girls had to help me from choking myself with the roof of the house.
This will do, a cat scratcher to sit on, perfect!  (this is Oz dressed as Bad Santa)
Off with their heads!
Cute little mail man, I mean evil mail man...
A family of trouble makers!
Uh oh, the Hamburglar is at it again!

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