December 01, 2011

Festival of Trees

 Wow, so it's been about a month since my last blog post.  I've be crazy busy this November getting the garden center ready for the Holidays.  It took a full month of working non stop to get all of the Christmas decorations unpacked and arranged in the store.(Photos of the store coming soon).  I finally finished two weeks ago just in time for our first holiday party.  Then, the following week I came down with a terrible cold a few days before Thanksgiving.  I laid in bed for many days not doing much except sew a few stockings. I'm still feeling under the weather but overall I am rested and ready for setting up for the holidays at my own house.

To jump start our holiday decorating cravings, Rachel, Brandy and I attended Eugene's annual Festival of Trees at the Valley River Inn next to the mall.  We went on the last day of the event and found many exciting ideas of how to decorate our own Christmas trees.  The festival had a corridor and giant gymnasium type room filled with decorated Christmas trees that people earlier in the week had bid on and bought.  All the proceeds went to local charities for children.

 Cute little village houses hiding in the snow

 Candy canes and snowflake tree topper

 Ski poles were placed in this tree

 Beautiful light up wreath and santa statue below

 Close up of wreath

 3 1/2 foot gingerbread baker man at the kitchen stove

 Bras for a cause tree

 Restored antique bench

 Bird cages

 Christmas countdown

 Fancy tree topper
 Gold and Red colored tree

 Ninkasi Brewery Tree

 Underneath the Ninkasi Tree

 Forest theme tree with lamb head tree topper

 Cute fluffy owls

 Santa's Elves

 I like the Merry Christmas sign in this one

 Santa the head elf tree topper

 Rachel, Brandy and I

 Alice and Wonderland Tree

 Cut out of Alice

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