December 05, 2011

Winter's Eve

Friday night was the big 'Winter's Eve' event in downtown Corvallis.  For the event Madison Street is blocked off to traffic and a big heated tent is erected to host the annual fundraiser for the Assistance League of Corvallis.  When you purchase a ticket you buy your entry into the tent and it also covers free wine and beer samples, free food from local vendors that have tables set up inside the tent, and tons of coupons to use during the month of December at local stores and restaurants throughout Corvallis.

This year, Rachel, Whitney and I attended the event after work at Schmidt's.  We strolled downtown, drank chocolate stout beer samples at the Brewery Supply Co., did some light Christmas shopping, and ate until we were about to explode from all the free food samples!  It was very fun and we all had a good time.  The weather was clear and there was no rain, so it was perfect to walk around downtown Corvallis and window shop.

Outside the tent.  I love the decorated trees and presents out front.  It always looks so inviting.

 Rachel and Whitney entering a drawing from Great Harvest Bread Co.

 The inside is always packed with people eating, sitting and entering the silent auction.  It was amazing that the girls and I found a table to eat our snacks at.  Usually we just stand and eat because there are so many people.

Not only is the event inside the tent but throughout downtown there are various Christmas carols being sung and bands playing to greet residents of Corvallis that are out and about on the Winter's Eve night.

I love this event.  I am so glad I got to go again this year.  Just being downtown and being a part of something festive is a great way to start of December and the rest of the Christmas season.

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