December 15, 2011

Letter to Santa (An Explanation of Charlotte's Christmas Distruction)

Dear Sandy Paws:

My name is Charlotte and I like your name.  You must go to the beach like I do because I bet your paws are covered in sand by the sound of your name. I like the beach, I also like the sand volleyball courts my mom takes me to in the neighborhood.  

 Here is a photo of me so you will recognize me on Christmas eve.

I've been a good Boston Terrier all year.  Mom said you bring presents to good puppies that don't get into trouble. I just wanted to explain a few things about some of the photos mom took of me. She thinks I've been a "Christmas terror" whatever that is.  Actually, I've been helping her around the house however I can.  I don't know why she gets mad sometimes.

Here, I have helpfully unwrapped this box someone left inside our door.  I have also taste tested some of the cookies to make sure they are good enough to eat.  (They were in case you were wondering).
This is a photo of mom on the phone with her mom, letting her know the Christmas cookies arrived on time and that I made sure they were edible.  (That's me in the background saying hi and looking for more food to taste test).
I've also been saving mom the trouble of gift wrapping my presents.  I took this beaver toy out of the bag and was showing her and dad that I am happy without the wrapping.  Too bad Kenny the beaver wasn't made very sturdy, he fell apart after 10 minutes of play.  (I think mom got me another one to replace it.  I saw him peeking out from another bag mom put high on a shelf this time).

I am also handy in the kitchen.  I always let mom know when its time for her to take out the trash.  

As you can see Sandy Paws, I've been a very good help this year.  Please bring me fun toys to play with and maybe you could tell my friends to come visit me at my house I would love to play with them.


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