October 31, 2011

Finding Char-mo

 Today I thought I would give a quick biology lesson on the elusive hybridized creature char-mo, that can only be found around this time a year.  A char-mo is a cross between a blue guppy fish (similar to Nemo in the pixar movie) and a Boston terrier puppy named Charlotte.  What makes this animal so rare is its ability to breath and move around on both land and in water.  It is a very friendly creature but it can be shy and spends most of its time under water.  Today however I had the privilege of having one follow me on my walk through the neighborhood and I thought I would share my experience with you.

 This is a 3 foot high cute little witch statue to put candy on or even a pumpkin.  The first few times I walked by this with Charlotte she hated it.  She would stop and growl as we passed.  She would also keep a healthy distance between her and the witch, making sure never to take her eyes off the witch in case she was to cast a spell.

 To make matters worse for Charlotte, after she finally faced her fear and bravely walked by the witch with only a glance at her to make sure she wouldn't move, a few days later the people who put the witch in the yard added more, even scarier decorations.  When Charlotte saw this she was so petrified she would NOT cross this yard no matter what I tried.  I had to pick her up and carry her across while she never took her eyes off the objects in the lawn.  Once she was passed she acted like it was no big deal, brushed her shoulders off and kept walking.

 No wonder she was so scared with body parts and snakes all over the place.

 Another fun house in the neighborhood decorated for Halloween.  The glowing skeleton arms are my favorite part.  Surprisingly this house didn't bother Charlotte to walk by.

 A mummified bear.  He's so cute.  Every time a walk by he is dressed in a new accessory even when its not Halloween.

 There it is!  A Char-mo!  This one let me get up close and take its picture.  She looks very puffy and good for cuddling.

Another photo of char-mo.  I decided to catch her and put her back in the sea where she is certainly more comfortable.  Below are a few photos of her in her natural environment.

Hanging out on the ocean floor looking for food.  I'm not sure what they eat in the wild but the one I saw sure did like dog biscuits.

A rare glimpse of a Char-mo breaching the ocean.  She must be saying goodbye and that she enjoyed our walk together.  Maybe we'll meet again on Halloween sometime in the future.


Charlotte and Jess

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