October 24, 2011

Customized Pet Dining Station

 A while ago I had the idea of using an unpainted skateboard and turn it into a dining station for Charlotte.  Before I left for my trip in September I bought a skateboard and two metal dishes for her food and water.  Since I don't have a saw to cut the slots for the dishes or any tools to add legs, I brought my supplies with me on my trip and had my grandpa Dale help me assemble the pieces.  He cut the holes out and attached some legs he made from a black walnut tree he cut down himself. 

This is what it looked like right after my grandpa finished building the station for me.  Then I started to customize it with red hand painted chrysanthemum flowers, little Boston terriers cut out of newspaper and a front shot of Charlotte wearing a crown of yellow pearls and her name underneath.  I love the way it turned out.  It looks amazing and 100% unique. 

 A side view of one of the Boston Terriers with wings.  The pattern on each side of the Bostons are slightly different.  I used Charlotte's actual black and white markings for all three of the Boston Terriers because I wanted it to be completely custom for Charlotte.

I might try and sell these and customize it for each pet owner.  I just need to get my hands on a saw and a couple other tools to cut the holes and add some legs.  But in the meantime Charlotte will look really cool with her dining dish.
 Charlotte the Queen

She loves it...well it might be the peanut butter I bribed her with.

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