October 30, 2011

When Zombies Attack!

Normally, I'm not into dressing up in costumes or characters for Halloween (unless Harry Potter is involved).  And I usually don't go out on Halloween weekend because crowds of scantily dressed drunk people in costumes is not my scene.  But last night some friends were having a zombie themed party in South Town that sounded like lots of fun.  The last few months we have been watching zombie horror movies and tv shows.  I've been so involved in zombie entertainment that I walk around town picking out safe spots to escape from zombie attacks and avoiding areas where they could jump out from the shadows.  So when Oz mentioned his friends from work were having a zombie party I got really excited to join the fun.

 Oz went as a Lost Boy from the classic 80's vampire movie.  The wig totally tops off his undead outfit.

 Whitney came over to get ready for another party.  She went as a mauled cub scout. Her scratches and gouges looked completely real.  She looked great with all her gore and blood.

 Uh Oh Whitney, you better run for your life, a zombie from the 50's wearing a poodle skirt is about to attack!

 The zombie party was awesome.  Bre and Mike really carried out the theme of surviving a zombie attack.  Their apartment was turned into a zombie barricade.  They boarded up the windows and doors to keep out unwanted zombies.  They also had zombie survival tips written on the wall around the apartment.

 Looks like the safe place to be to survive.

 I didn't quite make it to become a survivor.

 Don't worry everyone, Peter Parker/Spiderman will save us from the zombies.  Jesse put a lot of work into his costume.  It looked awesome.  Especially his camera that he fit into a larger camera box and had it actually work to take photos.

 Poor Bill Murray.  If you haven't seen Zombieland yet, I highly recommend it.

 There was also a scavenger hunt involved.  I loved that every item had to be related to surviving a zombie Apocalypse.   Great tips to keep in mind for when the zombies ever do take over for real.

Oh boy, I was slayed with a trident by a vampire.  Well, my short zombie life was fun while it lasted.

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