September 12, 2011

Road Trip

This coming Saturday Charlotte and I are hitting the open road and taking a break from Corvallis to visit family in Idaho, Utah and Nevada.  I am taking two weeks off from work to stay with family and friends I haven't seen for a few years.  Charlotte will be along for the ride as my co-pilot guiding me down to road, making sure we don't get lost.  I have my camera with me and hopefully can find some time to download photos of the trip online.  Its been a busy spring and summer and it will be nice to take some time and relax and catch up with everyone.  When we get back it will be nice and cool (hopefully) and be the perfect time to plant bulbs and get the lawn ready for winter.  (I haven't even left and I'm already thinking of projects when I return.  Ha!)  Enjoy September everyone and I'll keep in touch out on the road.

Happy Travels!

Charlotte and Jessica

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