September 07, 2011

August Wrap Up

Charlotte and Marcel the hedgehog

I know its been quite a while since my last post.  Its been a very busy 4 weeks.  I have been working hard at the store getting it clean and ready for fall.  I just finished putting together the fall and Halloween display and helping the other staff coordinating painting the interior of the store.  Tomorrow we should be putting up the first coat of red on the back wall.

I haven't just been working hard at the store.  At home we've had a lot of adventures and a lot of visitors lately.  Its been a fun month.  Since I've been absent from my computer here is what has been going on: some of the girls and I went to the Oregon Zoo, I had a couple friends stay two nights from my home town, I went up to Portland again and visited another friend from Reno, had my boyfriend's niece and nephews sleep over, babysat a hedgehog, baked tons of zucchini cupcakes and went to the beach for Labor Day. 

Now that I have a few weeks to relax and take it easy for a while I am getting ready to go on a two week road trip to visit my grandparents and family in Idaho, Utah and Nevada.  I am very excited.  I haven't seen most of my family for a few years and this will be a nice break from Corvallis for a time.  I am taking my sidekick Charlotte with me and leaving the bunnies at home.  I think they will enjoy having some peace and quiet from Charlotte for a while.  I am making plenty of stops along the way and visiting a few friends from high school that I hardly ever see.  It will be a fun trip and I will be sure to keep everyone updated from life on the road.

Sitting in the eagle's nest at the Oregon Zoo
Charlotte playing beach volleyball with Oz's little nephew Dominic

Alsea Falls with my best friend Emma.  We've know each other since the 5th grade.

 The new Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland

Kiersten and I Enjoying our Treats

 This is my favorite photo of these two.  She's sniffing his butt and he has his tongue out

 For Brandy's birthday I knitted her a hat

And then I made a hedgehog pin out of felt to add to the hat.  (Brandy is Marcel's mommy)

Labor Day on Nye beach with Charlotte and Oz

Running in the sand with Oz

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