August 17, 2011

Seattle's Best

This past Sunday Oz and I drove up to Seattle to watch a Mariner's game.  They were playing the Red Sox's and it turned out to be the fastest game I've watched.  The Mariner's ended up winning 5 to 3 and we got to see Jacoby Ellsbury(a former OSU baseball player) play for Boston.  We had a lot of fun and walked all over downtown and took lots of pictures.  We stayed one night at the City Hostel on 2nd Ave. and came home on Monday.  We took our time getting back and stopped at a few different stores and outlet malls. It was a really fun trip and we both missed Charlotte and the bunnies tons even though we were only gone 2 days.
In front of Pike's Place Market

Pike's Place

Decorative Pepper Display

Oz in front of the market

We stopped here for a late breakfast.  I was starving in the car and had to dig around for snacks until we got to Seattle.

A really delicious bacon and egg breakfast bagel sandwich

It was a mouthful

I love all the trees in downtown Seattle

Begonia Baskets in front of a fountain

You can walk underneath the fountain

Getting ready for the game

Me and Ichiro

In front of Safeco Field

The glove and I

We didn't realize our seats were under the awning.  It was very chilly and we didn't get any sun, not that it was out that day anyways.

Ellsbury at bat


After the 3rd inning, the field crew broke down in a dance while raking the dirt

Enjoying my Coors Light

We're cold but we're having a blast

The first home run of the game by the Mariners

After the game we checked into our room at the City Hostel.  It was really clean and a nice place.  The only part that we didn't like was the block it was on.  It was a little scary at night but we still felt safe where we were.

Its been voted best in the Nation.  Every room had murals painted on the wall.  There was a hot tub, movie theatre, private rooms. a balcony to eat breakfast and a chicken coop and organic garden on the roof.

Our room

There were funny little characters drawn all over the walls

The dining room and kitchen

In front of the Seattle Library.  It was closed when we got there so we couldn't go inside.

Dwight's head on a t'shirt

Nearing sunset

A fisherman statue

A cute octopus

For dinner we ate right next door to our hostel.  We miss understood where we both wanted to eat and ended up spending more than we thought for an ok meal.  It was still a nice time and the food was good.  I had the linguine with clams in a white wine sauce.

Oz had something we had a hard time pronouncing.  It was semi sweet with bacon and a light cream sauce.

The next morning we stumbled upon the original Starbucks across from Pike's Place

Each time we passed a Starbuck's (which was every corner) we joked that we found the original.  And when we were about to leave town we actually found the original when we weren't expecting it.

Eating a rhubarb pastry in front of Pirosky Pirosky.  Anthony Bourdain from the food network stopped at this place while filming one of his tv episodes.

Oz had a spinach and egg pastry and I had a rhubarb dish.  They were both delicious.

Just before heading out of the city we stopped at the Space Needle.  We could see it from our hotel and it was only a few blocks away.

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