August 01, 2011

Garden Journal: August 1st

Blooming Foxglove
As you may have noticed I haven't been posting nearly as often as I had in spring.  I haven't run out of blogging ideas but I've been working really hard at the garden center and needed a break from scheduling myself activities and projects in my free time.  For almost a month I had no energy at work or at home.  I have a tendency to overwork myself and that's what happened this spring.  I am now bouncing back and feeling more like my usual self.  I still might not be posting nearly as often as before or working on as many projects as I would like but I feel much more energized and am taking time to enjoy the summer and spending time with my sidekick, Charlotte.

Because of my lack of energy to do anything strenuous, I have almost completely forgotten about my garden.  Luckily for me we had a lot of rain in June and July because I have barely been watering it.  Its shameful to admit as a garden center manager but I just didn't give a hoot this summer about weeding or watering.  I know, its terrible! Its a good thing I decided I wouldn't fuss over plants sprouting or not earlier this year because I have been doing a terrible job keeping up with my yard.  This weekend I decided it was finally time to give it some over due attention and at least mow the grass. 

So Sunday morning at 7, Charlotte and I got up, went for a walk and then got dirty in the garden.  I pulled out a lupine that was entirely covered in aphids (really, really covered in aphids), trimmed a few forsythia bushes, mowed the lawn, pulled out dead flowers that I ignored, fertilized the remaining flowers, pulled out a really ugly rose bush and set up a new birding area.  I know I did a lot in the yard but it still needs a lot of love.  I didn't even touch the weeds and blackberry bushes around the back.  That will have to wait for another day.

She's sleepy

We've been having trouble with rats in the area so I took my bird feeders out of the tree and put them on this pole where the rats shouldn't be able to get to.  I love feeding birds but I hate the vermin the food attracts.  I also potted up a passion flower vine at the base of the pole to climb up and look pretty.

Are we done yet Mom?

The untamed part of the yard.  You almost need a machete to get back here.

Notice all the blackberry vines spilling over the fence.  Its a nightmare...or gardenmare?

On the bright side there are some pretty shasta daisies in bloom

echinacea ready to bloom any week now

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