December 25, 2010

Todd the Tim Rex

Tim wearing is new dinosaur apron
Last weekend was our staff party. Every year we do a secret santa gift exchange.  For my gift  I made a custom dinosaur apron for my boss's husband Tim.  I named the apron Todd the Tim Rex.  I guess I should give you a background story on how Todd was born. 

At work the day of our open house we were instructed to put on new, clean aprons.  Susan (our boss) tried to get her husband Tim to wear an apron.  Tim does not like to wear aprons, instead he usually wears a shirt with dinoaurs on it.

So I said, "would you wear an apron if it had a dinosaur on it?" 

"Perhaps....I shouldn't have said that,"  -Tim

And then my mind got to working on how I could make him a dinoaur apron, bought some fabric, used an old apron as a guide, and there you have it, the story of how Todd was born.

Below are some highlights of past Christmas parties

2008 we dressed as a fireplace (me), a Christmas present (Kaite), and a Christmas tree (Megan)

2009 we dressed as a gnome (me again), an elf (Amy), and Ms. Clause (Megan)
As a side note, our store has an on going joke about the elves invading the gnomes territory during the holiay season.  We thought it would be funny to show up to the party as a gnome that got hog tied by a Christmas elf and was dragged to the restaurant....There were a lot of funny looks from other tables in the restaurant.

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